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Orleans Fresh Collection - Limited Edition

Orleans Fresh Collection - Limited Edition

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Soy Blend Wax

Poured in the USA

Fresh Rose is a delightful blend of fresh rose petals, dewy geranium leaves, green moss, and warm amber notes. This scent captures the essence of a lush garden after a summer rain.

Garden Tea is a soothing blend of calming chamomile petals, orange peel, and rejuvenating matcha, accented with delicate rosewater and invigorating eucalyptus. Finishing with a calming mix of green tea and warm santal woods. 

Mint Leaf & Lavender is a refreshing blend of cool mint and eucalyptus uplifted by the calming essence of fresh lavender. Earthy patchouli and warm musk add a touch of depth to create a harmonious and rejuvenating fragrance

Pink Sea Salt is a burst of pink sea salt and Ozonic notes dance with delicate Lily of the Valley and Violet, blending seamlessly with earthy Sandalwood and warm amber for a sophisticated and uplifting olfactory experience..

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